Caption This Photo v3.0

The winner of Caption This v2.3 is Girl.A, "KAHN: You wish you could ride in my trunk! My trunk so plush it like movie star trunk!"

While there were many fantastic Wayne's World references and even a disturbing suggestion about the flavor of Condie Rice's cheek moles, I ultimately had to give in to the King of the Hill reference because of it's double entendre in relation to the interpretation of the word "trunk" by this blog's author. That, and I'd like to ride in GA's plush movie star trunk ANY DAY.

"Egg suicide, as seen on rotten.com"
Guess that last joke (yolk) really cracked him up.
"Tonight on News 8 Update: When good eggs go bad."
"Ripped from the headlines. On this week's Law & Order: EVU (Egg Victum's Unit), violent egg gangs are "frying" their rivals on the sidewalks."

Steve was just tired of life
I guess what I really want to know is, how is it that eggs WITHOUT FEET can remain upright? It makes no sense, like Anna Nicole Smith or chinese fingercuffs.
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Well don't this just beat all. Benedict finally cracked. I know he was pickeled, but still nobody in the dirty dozen had the right to poach him. One of you devils is gonna fry for this.

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