Contents Under Pressure

what the hell... is that near/at your apartment or something? weird.
Your just taunting us to see how many of us Whacko(s) actually come in out of the darkness and try to guess what you trying to tell the world? So I will venture a guess. Your trying to tell us all that the poop is about to hit the fan, not necessarily in your life but all over the world. If I told you I feel the same way would it surprise you. What ever is coming it is getting closer, I don't think our Islamic friends are finished with us. Then again, I could be way off in my assumptions of what you are actually trying to say. Maybe you just wanted to include these uninteresting pictures for us to comment on? ED
Mmmmmmmmmmm ... WIIIIINE!
are those dartboards at Cecil's?
The dartboards are at Fox and Hound in Fort Worth.
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