The day Hell froze over

This is what happens when it snows in Houston:

a) People will make tiny 2 inch snowmen on top of cars, with twigs for arms and a twist-tie mouth and two eyes made out of catfood.

b) Cars without garages or mittens will get frostbite. Lucky for me, my car comes from England so she's used to the blistering cold and really snobby people.

c) Tropical plants will meet an untimely demise. A 40-year chain smoker, this plant was suffering from chronic emphysema so it was probably for the best.

I love the snowman - and even moreso bec it has dead cat food eyes. And ironic I was just quoting this Butthole Surfers song to Amanda B:
"it's about loving everything...your pup....your kitty...all the things....
...the cat food...the little bits of crayons....the melted pieces...
...the loving friends...all the things you wish you had"

So appropriate that you are in Texas and all.

And you got a hot car, Hot Mama. Imagine what Mister Closet with his 8 foot curtain rod would do if he saw us drag racing in our "furries" outfits!
P.S. How can you tell if it was the snow that killed that lovely tropical plant?

Maybe it was the plant's 2-pack-a-day habit????
Are you sure that is cat food? it suspiciously resembles poo to me. But hey, what doesnt resemble poo?
Girlie, I drag race in my "furries" every damn day. Lemme know when you want to come over.

And, incidentally, I am also a Butthole Surfer.
WReX likes your mini, is it a boy or a girl mini?
It's a girl MINI and her name is Sona. Does WReX want to mate?
I'd love to see the furries. Show me your furries. Please. I'm on my knees.
Texas, dear Texas! from tyrant oak clamp grip now free...

Yes WRex likes yer mini. RRRevvv.
Closetman, Hunnypah, do you know what furries are?
Animal suits, sweetcheeks. Roar like a bear for me!
wow this is getting kinky. me and my furries are outtie.
I will behave.
Me too. I do as I'm told. I'm a good boy.
hey, no one said you had to stop. you two can play out your dirty fantasies here, just clean up after yourselves.
here, you can borrow my swiffer.
My fantasy? You're the one who's drag racing in her furries! I was just helping you and Girl.A live out your fantasies. See, I'm helpful, like the kid who cleans the erasers after class. (Which is not, by the way, my fantasy.) But I'll clean up with the swiffer anyways.
By the way, where did the name spoonleg come from?
Your kitty is beautiful. I have a kitty too. Persian. Blue.

What is a Swiffer?
Girl.A - how can you have a kitty and not have a Swiffer? And I'm shocked, shocked, that you said the K-word instead of the P-word. Opportunity wasted.
I have a kitty..lets get together .. bring the catnip!
spoonleg is mystery. i don't even remember where it came from but let's just say it originated in those dark and forgotten days known as highschool.

Girl.A, is your persian a boy or a girl?
I can't believe you haven't seen the swiffer commercials. The only corporation brave enough to think that "Whip it" is a song worthy of a comeback.
My kitty is a girl kitty. She's fixed. Very geriatric. 3 teeth left. But she's super cute!

I know what a swiffer is!!
Just wanted to break up the bloody tension in here. lol
Tension? What tension?

Oscar is fixed too and that's why he lets my mom's dog mount him on a regular basis. They are best friends and gay lovers.
Girl.A, please don't say "bloody tension" when you posted yesterday that you're about to go on the rag. I have a weak stomach for that shit.
God CM you are one demanding little bitch. You want her to say pussy but you don't want her to say bloody tension? How about discarded tampon, can we say that? Because I'd like to know how you feel about them.
The snowman rocks. Cat food for eyes! Tiny snowmen are great because they don't take so darned long to make and are usually much cuter.

Because in snowmen, cuteness counts.
The snowman rocks. Cat food for eyes! Tiny snowmen are great because they don't take so darned long to make and are usually much cuter.

Because in snowmen, cuteness counts.
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