False Prophets

You shall have no other spoonlegs before me.

(from www.erideshare.com/profiles.php)


Gender: female

Occupation: odd jobs, gardening, organizing

Hobbies: ukulele, guitar, writing, reading, Ishmael/tribalism, garden

City: Corvallis/Eugene

State: OR

Music: eclectic--classical, folk, lesser known stuff

Smoke: non-smoker

Comments: travel with small tame pet rat, folding cage (compact, no smell), share gas/driving

(Hold up, did she just say "small tame pet rat"?)

I'm not from Eugene, but incidentally that would have been my name had I been born with a wanker.

He might be sexy, but he's not the real McCoy.

The devil is a seductive whore.

They might have spoons and they might have legs, but they also have Ricky Shroder and that pretty much wipes them out of this Book of Life.

This one's for you, Girl.A

"Spoons typically have excellent lower flexibility and are good with sports or movements that require lower-body strength and coordination."

Wait, wait, wait... someone please help THIS MAN.

now go in peace, my children.

True enough about Ricky. But then again, they DID have Erin Gray...who was pretty damn hot in 1979. Hummmm....Col. Deering.....
Oh Mah Darlin Spoonie, you thought of me. SO sweet of you...NUT SPOONS. Seems you can find more of them, some of them are like mini strainers, to strain the nuts. hmmm.

Yikes, I am afraid I might be a "spoon". I do strain nuts from time to time. No, but seriously, the body type thing.
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