Get Over It, SUCKAH!

Today I was riding in the car with my friend Kelly and her 5 year old daughter, Emma. When the light we were sitting at turned green, Kelly hesitated before taking off and the car behind us honked. Emma's response: "GET OVER IT, SUCKAH!" Take that, beotch!

I love kids with an attitude. Can't help but laugh at/with them.
Next up for Emma's vocabulary: EAT SHIT AND DIE, ASSWIPE. At least, that's the first phrase I'm going to teach my young child.
Hubby and I fully expect to get the call from the Boy's school one day. "Do you know what your child said?"

Our response is already planned out, "Did he use it correctly in a sentence?" "Ok, then....congratulate him on a well formed sentence and leave us alone, thank you."

forget teaching the kids to SAY bad things -- my plan is to teach my kids how to say off color-comments in sign language. I already taught my little cousin how to say "you're my bitch" and "bullshit." Eat shit and die is a little complicated for her, but it's totally on my list.
you're my bitch will suffice until the child is old enough to master the complicated gesturing involved in forming the word ASSWIPE. As long as it's on your list.

My favorite hand gesture (aside from the failsafe middle finger) is the jerk-off motion. I air jerk at all of the idiot drivers who cut me off and I think they like it. Oh, and let's not forget "spank the monkey". Spanking the (imaginary, unless you live with one) monkey is an essential non-verbal way of saying, "Look at me everyone because I am really fucking hot."
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