I've got Cat Scratch Fever...

And the only prescription is MORE OSCAR!

Spayed seal point female seeking adorable siemese/burmese male for long naps, cap nip retreats, and potential for more. Will be willing to relocate, but is OK with a long distance affair. Has own litter box and is very vocal when needed. I love my naps and to stare at you while you sleep.

All serious inquiries, please contact my step-monster, Babswife.

Murphy Brown the Cat
Nice pussy.

(Gotta get up early to beat Girl.A to that one.)
FATS: Repeat after me: Oscar IS NOT HUMAN. I will stop fondling him as if he were some cute, furry midget I'd like to make babies with.
I enjoy the Oscar pics. I have two cats that I frequently mention on my own blog, and I'm glad that you're balancing out the crazy cat ladiness over here at Spelunk.

In other cat news, I'm cat-sitting for my friend's two kittens this weekend, and she's insisted on leaving Cartoon Network on for them 24 hours a day so that they're entertained. Ha!
I AM the crazy cat lady. No doubt about it.

Also, I would offer to bear oscar's chillun, 'cept he's gone under the knife and is henceforth unable to complete his manly duties.
Oooh. I love that kitty. I want to smooch it on the nose!
I like the red pic...Oscar looks like he's chilling out at some velvet lounge. didn't realize the guy knew how to have a good time.
I love the red picture!!! I always wanted one of those cats!
I presume the "red picture" is Oscar at his favorite opium den?
That opium den is my living room, aka Oscar's Place. The red thing is my sofa, aka Oscar's Personal Chaise Lounge. He'd probably invite yall over, without my permission, if he knew your phone numbers. There's plenty of cat nip to go around.
Oscar is gorgeous. So plush.
He still has a kitten body, no?
La Pixiatrix
Awe, I luv da wittle kitty!
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