"My only love sprung from my only hate!"

Oscar and Big Daddy love to do the humpty dance. Neveryoumind that they are opposite-specied homosexuals. It's a modern day Romeo and Juliet story so all of you Lord & Lady Capulets can back the fuck off. Love is blind, people... and apparently incredibly stupid, too.


Glass eyes shine
Voids fill as paws grip hardwood
It's hump time
I can't figure out if Big Daddy Love is the Fish or The Dog...
Big Daddy is my mom's dog... and Oscar is staring into the fishbowl of broken dreams, imagining the day when he and his true love can be together once again. Oh, forbidden lust, why dost thou tempt me so? Ah forget it, I'm bored. Lemme stare at this fish some more.
That's so wrong, but the cat picture rocks.

All-male interspecies humping. Only on the internet. And at your house, apparently.
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