A prudent person would never...

Flip through catalogs while lying in bed naked. It can create some wicked papercuts. Seriously.

do you need someone to kiss your boo-boo?
Hey, who do you think you're talking to? Tara Reid isn't here.
But she will be later and I'll tell her that you have a surprise for her nipple.
Oh my. You should have used protection while in bed naked with your catalogues.
Papercuts on the upper vulva are bad, and the ones on the thighs are even worse. My GOD woman, I hear you.

This happens to me all summer long. Those fuckers with the beautiful over-sized layouts. Like Interview mag or WWD.
I know exactly who I'm talking to, Tex!
Spoonie ---
I finally caught up with the rest of the class. I'm crying from laughing so hard. Makes me so happy you are one of "us" ---

babswife, you are at the head of MY class. screw the rest of those chumps, the short bus has the best parties anyway.
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