Spoonleg's Sing-A-Long

She's cold as ice
And the feeling
Was a-nice.

There's a lady I know
If I didn't know her
She'd be the lady
I didn't know.

My lady, she went downtown
She brought it home
She's choppin' broccoli.



OOh OOh Broccoli steamed and topped with cheese. OOh OOh cheese is good you won't poop for a week but it tastes good.
Oh that was so me. I made the cheesy poop reference.
Spelunking for cheesy poo.

YES! HELL YES, dude!

I'll be singing it all day at work tomorrow. rock on!
I love da cheesy poo

cheesy poofs.
Hahahaha, cheesy poo

You're as cold as ice
You're willing to sacrifice our love
You never take advice
Someday you'll pay the price, I know

I've seen it before
It happens all the time
Closing the door
You leave the world behind

You're digging for gold
Yet throwing away
A fortune in feelings
But someday you'll pay

You're as cold as ice
You're willing to sacrifice our love
You want paradise
But someday you'll pay the price, I know
She's choppin', UH!

She's choppin' broccolay-ay-ay-ay
Damn, Spoonie, you've got me on a Dana Carvey roll that now has the Church Lady in my head singing Pink's "I'm coming out."
I can't believe all you guys know Choppin' Broccoli. I know now I have truly found my people.

She shop-an brac-ca laaaahaaahaaahaaa heeeeeeeee.
>>>Whoever just berated the tube top girl who shellacs on her makeup is my new BFF. BEST FUCKING FRIEND<<<

LMAO!! Thanks :)
Choppin brocc-ah-liiiiiiii
Choppin brocc-ahhhh-liiiiiiii

Dude, you rock!
Mary: No, Dude, YOU rock. Can we wear matching BFF bracelets? I even have the perfect tube top to match!

Amanda: Did you ever doubt that we were your peeps? It's just meant to be, my friend. Now follow me into the desert for the next 40 years...
Tube tops? Yaaaaaaaay! Yaaaaaaaay!
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