Because GEORGE! claimed that my first self portrait said, "I'm so fucking emo, it hurts."

PS- suck it.

I'm fearing that we're the only blogging idiots who posted pictures of ourselves. Dooce forgot. I'll have to do some more web humping to see what's out there. At least we're self-centered together.
I did it for you, hot mama. I thought everyone was down for the SPW? Oh, well. Fuck those chumps, WE'RE COOL.
I won't object to pictures of either of you, but SPD has moved to Thurdays because of Mihow's schedule. The new site goes live tomorrow. I guess you'll just have to post another picture tomorrow. I am so upset about that. =)

You ladies should totally have a taa-taa face off tomorrow.

Spoonie - I am glad your pair keeps the Earth's rotation balanced on it's axis. I knew they were nice, but I had no idea of their power! Can you control the tides with those thigns as well?
Hey! I ain't no chump! Maybe a chimp...

You are hot and sexy, little woman. Hotpant's pants are on fire for your taa-taas.
Scotty - Keep your eyes open for the Ta Ta Tournament which will be launched in the near future. With all this talk about hootamagootama's, I need to pop mine out for the blogging world. I have taken several nudey shots in my lifetime and mailed them to one lucky boyfriend over the years, but those will NOT be making an appearance on my blog, or Spoony's blog, or anybody's blog for that matter. This is just one more reason why I can't run for office or have children - naked pictures of me are circulating throughout the United States. I also fucked up once and forgot to delete them off of an old male roommate's computer, only to receive my TITS in an email about a year later after he did some cleaning up. That was a real red in the face moment.

I'm off to give my girls a little pep talk so that they're standing at full attention and are ready to pose for tomorrow's Self PortTIT Day.
you're even hot in black and white. what the fuck is "emo?" i'm a dumbass.
My pants are hot for any taa-taas that look like those. I had to lean away from my laptop to be able to take in all their glory. I have also found out that if you stare at them for too long you get a headache. Another freaky thing is that no matter where you move around in the room those taa-taas are always looking at you. Freaky!

I am down with Taa Taa Tournament 2005. Please send all entries to me. =)

Part - Emo is a style of music. Sort of punk, but mainly deals with touchy feely stuff like "having feelings", "getting dumped" and "having someone die". Sort of sounds like country. There is also plaenty of screaming. Bands that are emo are: Thursday, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional(barf!), Thrice, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Sunny Day Real Estate, etc. Some bands are good and some just totally suck.
Scotty - put down the lanolin and back away from the taa-taas before you foul up your keyboard.
This picture is totally emo too.

You should start looking at the camera if you don't want to be all emo and lame.
'totally emo' - what does that mean??? sorry and clueless here...
So now I'm not only emo, but I'm lame too?! Jesus, I just can't win for trying, can I? I gotta go listen to some Sunny Day and put on my thick tortoise shell glasses after I cut my bags real short and dye them pink.
bags is emo-speak for BANGS. fyi in case you posers didn't know.
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