Caption This Photo v4.7

I can SO stick this farther down my throat than you can. I watched that madonna movie 12 times bitch.
Fats, I told you to stop posting old photos of us!
If I stick this whole thing down my throat without gagging, will you date me then?
Oh don't even TRY the snorkle bitch, I'll put this blowdryer down my throat CORD AND ALL!


CAPTION IN A COLLEGE PSYCHOLOGY BOOK: "Unfortunately, there is no cure for Catatonic Schizophrenia. Above, right: these two women were stuck in this position for 7 hours during what could have been the highlight of their lives, the 1997 Karaoke World Championships in Topeka, Kansas. Thankfully, audience members were kind enough to cover them with dishrags just moments after this photograph was taken. The 'dishrag technique' is the commonly accepted method of pretending crazy frozen people don't exist."
the Sweeny sisters home photos..before they were stars.
If I had that dress on, I'd try to kill myself with a tiny hairdryer too!
A hearty demontration at the Lesbian convention.
No, no, no, not THAT kind of blow job!
Shiz....do lesbians WANT blow job demonstrations?
that's right...yeah wider...

now don't forget the grand children!!
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