Did somebody say Taa-Taa Thursday?

These are Fats' taa-taas as captured by her loving boyfriend, Dave. He was pretending to take a photo of the two of us, but instead zoomed in on her jugs and popped a chubby. I knew this photo would come in handy some day. Thanks, Dave!

Fats, I appreciate how you informed me of my taa-taa debut AFTER you posted the girls. At least they look hot, right?
I wouldn't have posted them unless they looked hot! Duh.
Those are some huge hogs. I don't think anyone's come over to look at mine. I figured flashing some tit would really drive my traffic, but the day's off to a slow start!

Spoony, I'm glad we're obnoxious TOGETHER, once again.
GEORGE! Even joined in for Taa Taa Thursday - go check him out! Hahahahaha!!!
Whoa. Nice hooters Fats. I'm on my way to check out HDL's now.
So is it TA-TA or TAA-TAA, I myself think it can swing either way... like bisexuals.
Those are some tig ole biggies.
Sweet Lord. As I have already said to Metro concerning this "God bless the Internet". God bless all of your taa-taa's too. Ladies, you kick ass.

Metro, bring out the lanolin!
Nice, uh, what do you call them, Scott? Oh, right... sweater cows. Nice Sweater Cows!!
Don't worry, they look hot.

(Scott - I'm almost done with the lanolin.)
You guys are sick. And I love it!
You and Moon need to send some of your taa-taa power to NC. We need a few more good women here. Especially ones that like goofy hockey guys.

You guys are hilarious. Thanks for the picture. Even if you did throw up someone's jubblies without their express written consent. Good work, Spoonie.
In a fit of telepathy I joined in on taa-taa Thursday without even knowing it was taa-taa Thursday. Mine aren't nearly as scrumptious as yours though. :(

What's the theme for next Thursday? Or is every day taa-taa day?
I vote for Tail Thursday for next week. All about the ass. Rear view magic. You in, SpoonPerv with the magical ass?
oh great, now fats'll post some random photo of my ass next week!
I can only hope that your ass will be flying around the internet by next week at this time!
My ass is in... but I'm not exactly sure how to take a self portrait of my own booty. I'll have to work out the mechanics later.
I'm thinking some sort of rear view mirror approach - camera over shoulder or something.
I really admire Dave's skill as a photographer. And moon, the girls are magnificent.
Wow, check out Home Detention Lady's. Right there in the runnning!
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