I cook, and then I CHILL.

I just want to say that you people ROCK. Especially AMANDA B. (the B. stands for BARRY) because she is my new pudding partner. Let me just be honest here and say that there can not POSSIBLY be another person on this planet who loves The State as much as I do. I know most of the skits by heart and have a particular fondness for Doug and Captain Monterey Jack. I challenge you, internet, to name your favorite skit and/or tagline from The State. At a later time, I will reveal my favorite skit EVER... and if anyone can guess what that might be, they will win $240.00 worth of pudding. You know, the kind of pudding that only $240.00 can buy. Awwww, yeah.

What the fuck is The State?
Okay, I would guess from your post it would be the $240 Worth of Pudding skit, but that would just be way too easy. So I'm going to go with Hormones? Am I right, do I get the pudding?!

My favorite was the Tenement, just because of this line (it's the only one that I really remember right): "Come on, let's get milk faced and hum like rabbits!"

I don't know the skits by heart, but I'm from Ohio and I've met Kevin Allison AND David Wain, beat that, BIATCH!

I lurve Kerri Kenney on Reno 911 too.
Yea... ditto with HDL, what the hell is this crazy ass show?
CAROLINE! You get like, $120 worth of pudding because the hormones skit is a very close 2nd. At one point it actually WAS my favorite skit, and it still makes me piss my pants just thinking about it, but there is one more which is ever so slightly more funny.

By the way, I hate you for meeting my personal demi-gods and not inviting me along, you dirty, dirty bitch.

PS- I wanna dip my balls in it.
Oh, well I was close. Did you know The State's coming out on DVD?
And if that first post doesn't make me a pudding parter, well I don't know what will.
I meant to say partner, but I can't type. Pudding parter sounds dirty though, doesn't it?
"I Want To Be Buzz-es Bitch!" I love Barry and Levon so much too. Reno 911 is my new favorite, cause it's got some of The State kids in it.

The B. does stand for Barry, but it's "Amanda Barry-White Laquanda Blvd. III"
Wow! I thought I was the only one who watched that show on MTV. Everytime I reference that show and the pudding, people stare at me like I'm nuts! I used to also watch buzz kill
Muppets for dinner, anyone?

You already mentioned the pudding, so I'll say one of the things I enjoyed muchly was the Nutcracker in a Very Small Room.

(BTW, any other Kids In The Hall or Tracy Takes on lovers out there? Seems like we talk bout Strangers with Candy and Upright Citizen's Brigade but not the others. Thanks for bringin out The State! Offbeat sketch comedy rules.)
Or Porcupine Racetrack, Baloney sandwiches for feet, or maybe sea monkeys singing Scarborough Fair...

Go Talk To Some Fish, Aquaman !
Seriously The State absolutely rocks!!!! So many good skits!

Who remembers:

Captain Monterey Jack
Professional Mud Wrestling
The Caffeine Family
Antonio the foreign exchange student

gosh...this brings back memories!
Ooh ooh! "I'm outta hee heee heeerrre".

Girl A.- I love The Kids in the Hall. I miss them so.

I'm squishing your head
um, that was me squishing your head, Amanda. And you too, GirlA.

"nobody likes us, everybody hates us, think we'll eat some worms..."

Kids in the Hall was the shit. I liked the skit about the guy wanting to rock with his metal band. The drunk dad was good too. "I bought you a puppy today, but on the way home I got hungry and ate it! I'm just kidding. I'd never buy you a puppy."
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