Our Funny Valentines

This is Fats' White Chocolate Love Slave, Big Daddy D:

And this is Spoonleg's Eternal Snausage Supplier, Madden-Master K-Dub:

K, Thanks for never complaining about all of the dreadedly lame and un-manly boyfriend tasks I assign you. All of the chick flicks, American Idol episodes, Broadway Musical productions, drunken family gatherings, MINI Cooper club meetings, cat-sitting, clothes shopping, nursing functions, and especially the strategically placed tampons in your bathroom drawer. And the fact that you missed the Superbowl Pre-Pre-Game Show to attend a one-year-old's birthday party pretty much ensures that your heavenly halo will shine with the brightness of a thousand suns and even Jesus himself will have to pause and say, "Daaaamn!"

D, I can't really thank you for anything because you've tried to end my young and fragile life one too many times with your horrendous navigational skills, or lack thereof. I suggest you work on perfecting some alternative skills if you have any hope whatesover of impressing the ladies or The Son. Perhaps you're better suited for computer-hacking or nunchakus. Both equally admirable skills.

Happy VD, boys. And just remember... Next month's Steak and BJ Day is entirely dependent on your performances today. No pressure!

Scott is totally stoked about "Steak and BJ day".

Them are some might purty boys you got there. Pinch a cheek for me. Any cheek, it's your choice.

Happy VD wifey!
Oooh, cute young boys! My inner Dirty Old Woman awakens.
Them are some DEEEE-LICIOUS sideburns on K-Dub there.

Oops, now I need a towel.


Kimberly Timbers
Holy crap your boyfriend's hot. He doesn't happen to have an equally sensitive straight brother, does he?

Holy crap your boyfriend's hot. He doesn't happen to have an equally sensitive straight brother, does he?

I don't know why that got posted twice. But he's hot enough for a double post.

Serious about the brother...


My boyfriend's hotness cannot be expressed the confines of your double post, Caroline. His hotness is responsible for earth's orbital rotation around the sun... forget what you've heard about gravity. His hotness is stronger than physics.

He does have a straight younger brother who is as cute as he could be and quite popular with the young ladies, as I understand. He was also The Most Adorable Kid on the planet, and I believe his first complete sentence was, "YOU'RE GIVING ME A HEADACHE!!!" If that doesn't just knock your sensitive socks off, I don't know what will.
You are one lucky woman. And if your boyfriend's brother lived in Ohio, I would be all up on him.

How did you two meet? I have a hankerin for a romantic story, seeing how it's Valentine's Day and my date was kind of boring.


Pinch a cheek for me too. Although I prefer the butt cheek. ;)
We met like 7 years ago when he was a freshman in high school and I was a sophomore. We were very good friends for many years, and then when I was a freshman in college we tried doing a long-distance relationship. That ended in a tragic display of teenage dramatics, and we spent the next 3 years silently hating one another from a distance. Then when I came home for summer break one year, we ran into eachother and things just sort of picked up where they had left off. That was almost three years ago!
Kam is dead sexy. Me so jealous.
Hey it's me. Your boyfriend.

Holy crap. I thought TODAY was Valentines day. Oh well, I don't eat steak and mouth humping is icky. I love you booty, thank you for all the kind words. And as for the rest of you...My brother is a man-whore with a slew of debilitating psychological ailments. So stay away from his junk, he's fragile.
His junk is only fragile because of the STI's he's picked up from all of that scary Latina poon. If you're going to cite reasons why people should stay away from him, how about the fact that he doesn't know what a VCR is?
I'll bet you're a BUZZ fan! My husband can't wait for that which Rod has brought into our lives March 14!!!
K, maybe not so serious about the brother...


AACK! Dave and I were just sitting on the couch with our laptops on our laps enjoying the wonders of wireless internet, and I popped in to do a little spelunking, AND BEHOLD!!! A photo of my goofy (but very cute) boyfriend! Thanks, fats. Dave salutes you as well. And you should advertise Shannon DAVIS HAFFAR on here, too. She's a hot Davis as well.
I am a BUZZ fan, but more importantly a Rod Ryan fan. Their show is great! Steak and BJs for everyone!

Fats and Dave, I'm surprised that you two quit humping long enough to view the splendor of the VD photos. Raaaarh.

PS- Charles Webber has VD.
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