Self Portrait Day

Thanks to mihow for organizing our very first Self Portrait Day. Everyone looks so wholesome and charming, unlike the crass and offensive sexual predators I've come to know. It must be some new fangled sort of camera trickery! Great photos, everyone!

I love this picture. Very hot little Mama. Beautiful lashes, dahling!

I'm so proud to call you my wife. sniff.
What she said. I have to admit, your shot was one of my favorites. :] But I said we/I wouldn't do that. So, I won't. And besides, I still can't take my eyes off of Amanda B's lovely and most shiny hair!

I'm no makeup artist, but in the future you might want to go a little easy on the foundation.

(kidding, great pic.)
I love your portrait. And I want to hump you, too!
part-timer, you just made me actually laugh out loud. I think it was the use of the word "hump" on HUMPDAY! no less.

You go girl, get that hump on. Work that hump.

These people are effin effreaks!They scare me. Seriously, stalkers or some shit.

Shut up.

This pic reminds me of a CD cover. You could croon to my cooter anyday.

Come over and check out my ass.
my employer would like to pesonally thank mihow.com for driving me to yet another highly entertaining blog.

Spoonie I lurve you and i hardly even know you ...
I lurve you too, because my Grandpa's name is Donald and my dad's name is Eugene. If I had been a bow, my name woulda been Eugene Leroy, III. That's hot, right?

I wonder if girl.A would have let Eugene Leroy, III croon to her cooter...?
Spoonie - Your portrait is sweet. I am digging the Kabuki makeup you have going on. Did Metro do your pink highlights?

Happy STD! (Self-portrait Togetherness Day)
I meant to say boy, not bow. I don't know what my name would have been if I was a bow.

Scotty, my kabuki makeup was done by Amanda's monkey. He was going for the Tammy Faye Baker look. I think I'm working it pretty well.
Hey Spoonster - Did you notice that I was ON TOP of you? Heh heh, I said "ON TOP of you". I think it's a sign.
i think you are an internet pervert. the kind my mama warned me about.
Never let a monkey do your makeup. When I was a boy a monkey gave me a haircut. Granted it was a step above what my Ma could accomplish w/ her flow-bee but trust me that aint sayin much.

monkey + hairclipper = real bad news

[in honor of your Pa I'm switching the order of my names]
Fabulous pic!
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