Spoonleg's Sing-A-Long

Ladies and Gentlemen, the MeatyCheesyBoys:

Girl, you know that there's one thing that I love
But it's not you I'm thinking of
I want the Ultimate Cheesburger

Break it down!

Cheese, meat, cheese, cheese, meat and that's it
Baby you know it's hot and juicy
And Jack won't make it til you order it

I'm not lyin', its a giant, meant to satisfy
I'm sure you'd understand it better
If you ate more like a guy
Maybe some day I'll want you back
But until then baby please
I'm begging you to let me go so I can have my
Meat and cheese!

When I say meat you say cheese

There is very little that will turn my stomach. But the meat and cheese combo will do it every time. The idea of meat and cheese together makes me want to hurl to the point I can't eat for a week. If I was literally starving, and had to buy a hamburger from McDonald's and there was nothing else to eat anywhere else in the world, and they screwed up my order and put cheese on it, I would shove it up my ass and try to digest it from there.

If you do not believe me, ask Amanda B.
I know what you mean, I'm exactly the same way. Well, except for the shove it up the ass part. That's weird, and only works for Martha Stewart and South Park.

But meat and cheese, ewwwy.


It's true. Girl A. will not eat a cheesburger. I am still a little shaken up about it. But I still love her.

I have no idea what you are talking about with the meat and cheese song, but I heart you and am singing it anyway.

P.S. I love that you call your B/F/F "fat bastard". That cracks me up.
MeatyCheesyBoys was an old commercial Jack In The Box used to air making fun of boy bands. The song was really catchy and was always stuck in my head. Plus, my college roommate knew Wade Robson personally and had a disturbing obsession with him... so the fact that he was one of the 'Boys meant that we taped the commercial like 60 times in a row and then would watch hours upon hours of a 30 second commercial for the sake of his 2-second screen cameo. It was sick, but at least the music rocked!

By the way, I haven't eaten a cheese OR non-cheese laden hamburger in like, 3 years. Nasty.
Not me baby. I'm all about the cheesburger.(cover eyes Girl A.) The cheesier the better.

Sorry I didn't get the reference, we don't have In and Out Burger here. sniff.
God I love a big cheesy meat burger with mayo and lettuce and tomato. Gah. must go to find some meat now!!
I thought the In and Out Burger was a made-up place in The Big Lebowski. You mean it ACTUALLY EXISTS? Wowsa.
Yeah the In and Out Burger is real. All those modified bumber stickers that change them to read :
In -n- Out Urge.
"In and out, in and out...
that's what a hamburger's all about!"

(actual words from the In-n-Out jingle)

Mmmmm....double-double, protein style, with grilled onions and tomatoes: two beef patties, two slices of american cheese, wrapped in fresh iceberg lettuce leaves! YUMMMMMY!! Mmmmm...food porn!

xoxo Clo
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