Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Spoon Gets BENT!

In honor of "spoonwhoever" being instructed to "get bent" yesterday, I am posting this picture on Big Booty Thursday. Let me just say that it is an incredibly humbling and nearly impossible task to capture an image of your own ass. Especially with a giant, bent crack spoon hanging out of it. Suffice it to say, don't try this at home. Some delicate membranes were damaged in the taking of this self portrait. Anyone got a light?


Lmao dork.
God, you get me hot. Your Texas ass is sweet, that's fo sho. I wish I could tap it. Maybe even with that spoon somehow. I'm going to cuff and stuff your muff. What shall we do next week? Tattoo Thursday? FUPA Friday?
That ass + that spoon = invitation to spank.

I'm with you on that bucky!
Hotpants just had an little tiny...anurism. What did you think I was going to say? Sicko!
That's hot. But, did you dress up nice for a picture of your ass? Those are the "good" jeans aren't they? I'm SOOO on to you.
I love this!!
I love this!!
Aww yeah! (I'd take a spoonful of that sugar!)
"wha the... huh?... Where am I? Why are you people crowding around me? What's my name? It's Scott. What day is it? I think maybe Friday. I don't know. I just feel a little woozy right now. Last thing I remember was using the computer and... and I was looking at this blog page. There was a picture. Hold on let me pull it up again. There it is. With the ass and the spoon. Ooh! Wait a minute I am feeling faint again. It's power is overtaking my loins. I must look away..."

Nice ass Spoonie!

Cause I can't fight this feeling anymore. I've forgotten what I started fightin for...
homedetentionlady sayd FUPA and you have a spoon in your butt.

Too bad I-64 has sinkholes or else I would be leaving work with a smile on my face.
My ass aims to please, people.

And my boyfriend just totally busted me. Yeah, I had to get dressed especially for this picture because when I came home from work this morning I was wearing dirty, shit-stained SCRUBS. Call me crazy, but I doubt anyone wants a picture of my ass in scrubs. Tiny white nurse's skirt, MAYBE. Shit-stained scrubs, NO. But I didn't put on the "good" jeans- I know which jeans you're thinking of and these are not them. I grabbed what was laying on top of my unpacked suitcase from 2 weeks ago and put it on. SO THERE.
Another beautiful rump ruined by a failure to accessorize properly. You're a grown ass woman, BUY A BELT!
Oh one more thing...I was reading the Science & Space section of CNN online (my fav.) and ran across this article. It fits well with the whole losing a sense thing...THIS BITCH CAN TASTE MUSIC!! I've wanted to taste Paula Abdul since I was just a tike, but this ho is what's called a synaesthete. Check it out.

Nothing wrong with dressing up for your hot ass portrait day pic...

I sure did.
nice accessorizing there spoon-

HDL made me post a bum pic today-ALSO ACCESSORIZED!

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