Mind Match

For those of you who have been waiting with bated breath, I will now reveal my favorite skit from The State, which you must already know because it is the title of this post. Mind Match. THIS IS BY FAR THE FUNNIEST SKIT, EVER OF ALL TIME THE END. Although Caroline IS entitled to $120 worth of pudding because the Hormones skit is a very, very close 2nd.

Host: Name a form of transportation?
Host: Jerry?
Jerry: Blue?
Host: Oh, Jerry I am so sorry. Blue is not a form of transportation. And that will cost you your orphans. Oh, so close Jerry. So close. Susan, now's your chance to win it all. Name a form of transportation!
Host: Susan?
Susan: Wooden?
Host: Hmm? Can we accept "wooden"? You can make a car out of wood, boats are wood--(ding!) Boats are wooden! Yes! Susan you've doubled your orphans!
Susan: But I mean, that's not fair. I mean, a car could be blue!
Host: Hold the phone...A car could be--(ding!) A car could be blue! Yes! You've both doubled your orphans. You've both won. And you'll both be back tomorrow! Good night, folks!

...Stay tuned to Spelunk in the Trunk for fatass self-portrait Thursday. Spoonie's got a BIG surprise comin' your way...

God I love the State. It is early. That is all.
That's a great sketch - I was lucky to see it live, and I think I peed my pants during the taping.

I often hum the Porcupine Racetrack song at my desk.
I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SAW IT LIVE. God, I hate you. But you are my new BFF. A BFF that I hate. Because you've seen The State live. That is all.
Yeah! I posted a comment yesterday about it; I grew up in NY and was a massive State fan (still am!), so I saw about four episodes taped live.

One of my favorite skits has to be "Monkey Torture".

I have every single episode on tape, and I watch them all the time. Since you are my new BFF, feel free to come over and watch anytime - anytime you are in Alaska, that is. ;)
I have every episode on tape as well, but of course the quality is questionably shitty. It doesn't matter to me though, because I still watch it all the time and it's still funny as hell. That's just my friend Terry from backstage!
That is all.
Kick ass, I want my pudding.
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