Spoonleg's Sing-A-Long


Barbara Manatee (Manatee, Manatee)
You are the one for me (one for me, one for me)
Sent from up above (a manatee from heaven)
You are the one I love
Barbara Manatee (Manatee, Manatee)
I'll be your mon amie (mon amie, mon amie)
I'll take you to the ball (to the ball, to the ball)
I hope you're not to tall (they might have trouble dancing)!

I know Barbara Mandrel, but not Barbara the Manatee. What are you ON???????
Will you take me to the ball?
Oops! forgot to put my name in. That last one was from me - Sandy G. Maybe next time you could do the one where Mr. Lent does the serenade to the cheeseburger. Gets me right there *snif, snif*.
Ah, VeggiTales. My neighbor's bratty little kids love that show. I think it's creepy. I mean, vegetables? What happened to the cookie monster?
Why were YOU watching VeggiTales? Undiscovered fetish perhaps? Should I give Jerry Springer a ring?

I can see it now:

"On today's show we have a guest with a VEGETABLE FETISH!"

Psh, as IF I would be caught dead on Jerry. It's all about that...

Is that the song from Vege Tales? Dude, they totally sing like that!
This song reminds me of an episode of Family Feud (The American spin-off of 100 Mexicanos Dijeron).

A certain woman, when asked to name a "Scary Fish"
replied, "Ooh, a Manatee, it is just somethin weird about them"

The same woman, when asked to name a "Famous Michael" decided to pass on Jackson or Jordan and responded, "Michael...angelo"

God Bless America.
You have so lost it now! VeggiTales? I am a vegetarian and I still think that is wrong.
Veggie Tales rock! I loved 'em long before I had kids. I like "His Cheeseburger" and "The Hairbrush Song" and "The Water Buffalo Song"...and, of course, "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything."

Spoonleg, you've just made me bookmark your site :)
You are one wacky chick!
You little nuttyhead. You made me laugh on a MONDAY. Spankyouverymuch. :)
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