So, I got my hair highlighted/lowlighted for Fall, and I am so excited about it!

This is only the third time I've attempted to get a little adventurous with the hair color; the first being that time in high school when I thought cherry Kool Aid would make a really awesome hair dye, and the second time being my sophomore year of college when I thought that I would make a really awesome blonde. Both ocassions were so disastrous that I had to apply for FEMA just to be able to get my shit fixed. Since then, my mug shot has been posted in every drug store, beauty supply store and salon across the country with the caption, "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME." Whatever, the only reason I even did it in the first place was so that I could help warn the others.

It has taken this long for my hair to recover, and once I finally got it to stop glowing in the dark I decided to try once more, but chose to leave the scalp-altering chemicals in the hands of a trained professional this time. Her name is Christine, and she promised to make my mane dazzle so that I could light up all of the holiday parties this season with beautiful hues of golden bronze, deep chocolate, and velvety red! She had me at "dazzle".

So what do you think? Does it dazzle you? She's been my stylist for about two years now, and crossing the threshold from stylist to colorist was a huge risk. But I took that leap of faith and am pleased with my transformation. I went from a pale girl with mousy brown hair to a pale girl with mousy brown hair WITH GOLDEN BRONZE HIGHLIGHTS, BLENDED WITH A TOUCH OF DEEP CHOCOLATE AND VELVETY RED. Top that, Extreme Makeover!


That's Burt's Bees HONEY LIP BALM, PEOPLE. Even though I am no longer a TRUE lip balm "addict", I follow the latest trends on the lipbalm market like a hawk and pride myself on being the first to discover and try the newest, most cutting edge products of the industry. This one is awesome. It's like making out with a delicious honeycomb, except for the whole being attacked by a gang of angry bees and subsequent anaphylactic shock thing.

you know Closet Metro is printing out the pictures of your lips to take to bed with him, right?

I would say that the worst hair experience was the "exotic red" I tried a few years back. I looked like a candied apple in the sun.

I think it looks great!
I love the hair!

I've never had pro coloring - but I've done it myself countless times. From an even brown, to a fire-engine red, to a blue-black. the only time it really went bad was when I tried to bleach it before dying it a bright red - it turned orange and was fried. NASTY.
Melanie was almost right - I'm having that silkscreened on my pillow case. (and on my shorts.)
Dude, I don't think they should go messing with the Burt's like that. It's not as if they could possibly make it *better*!

It's like all the different incarnations of Coke. None of them have ever worked. Once you've got a good thing, stick with it.
The hair looks fabulous, dahling ... you absolutely WILL dazzle ...

As for the lips ... well ... you know how to whistle, dontcha ...?
Definitely dazzling. I've never dyed my hair, I guess I'm a freak. I say spending 40 bucks to get it cut is good enough for me :0)
You have very nice hair! Looks THUPER!
Hair looks great. You have a fab profile. :)
Your hair looks fantastic! I've been going to the same stylist for three years now but he only cuts my hair; I do my own color. I just got it cut last night and was thinking that since I can't get the deep chocolate brown color I want on my own, I might finally have to start letting him color it.
You definitely dazzle! I'll let a professional take over coloring my hair when I am done with school and have a job to pay for it.
You look AWESONE.....I SO want your hair color, by boyfriend always says he likes that look. How much was the damage? And you lips!!! I gotta get me some of that stuff, here in the desert it only takes 1 day to get nasty desert lips. That's on my list.

Lookin good spoon!!
You look HOT. Your sweater is HOT. Your dazzle is HOT. Kam is HOT.
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Girl.A is my hero.
Your hair is all shiny and beautiful! I'd say your hairstylist did a great job. (not that it was bad before)

Girl A.- my liver just ruptured with joy.
two snaps up spoonie!!!!
you look Dynomite!
I'm excited, too!
What a cute haircut with highlights! What a cute haircut with highlights! What a cute haircut with highlights! What a cute haircut with highlights! What a cute haircut with highlights! What a cute haircut with highlights! What a cute haircut with highlights! What a cute haircut with highlights!

Ok, it really is an adorable cute haircut with highlights! But I am also fucking with Kalki's stats. My evil side emerges in response to hot sexy latinas blogging about cute haircuts with highlights!

I mean, I love your new hairdo. I just went darker myself.
You look very shwishy! Ooohh lala! The higlights look subtle yet dazzling. Nicely done. You are gonna get hooked on salon haircolours and soon you are gonna be poor.
Jesus, what a babe! It makes an old man like me weep...
You look supa dupa fine. I had to quit getting my hair colored when i became a homeowner.
I don't know what the hell just happened... I was about to read your latest post. (Hubby is right behind me watching TV) I went out for a smoke, came back and the screen is all blurry and sticky.

I'm all confused.
I have that Honey Burt's Bees! It's pretty darn good. But I like the original best.
Hey Carol's hubby... how YOU doin'? (BWAHAHAHA, that is officially the best comment EVER. You may now snatch the BFF crown from Girl.A and don it for the rest of the day, Carol.)

lefty, I too like the original better than the honey, but it's always nice to change it up a bit, eh?
I think I felt some primeval force move from deep within me when I scrolled down to the lip balm picture...guys are, after all, very base. ;-)

Nice hair.
feelin' hot, hot, hot! That's what your hair is saying and it's just not fair that you don't have a moustache.
oh, nessa... but i DO! don't you remember that eyebrow waxing incident, where the lady told me, "you sure you no want lip wax? 'cause you got lotta hair on your lip, lady!"
I LOVE your highlights! It's what I've been wanting my hair dresser to do, but she hasn't quite gotten them like that. I'm printing out the side view to take to show her!

Found your blog from Kranki's btw. Nice to "meet" you.
your highlights look real nice gurl!
I LOVE the highlights. I just dyed my hair brown for Thanksgiving (in lieu of decorating for Thanksgiving) but it's all one color. I need some hi and lo lites. Will your colorist share the formula? Then I could tell my colorist and we'd BOTH look fab for the holidays.
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