From Spoonleg and Oscar (who says, "Somebody please call PETA.")

Merry Christmas!

Why does your smile look evil? What plans do you have for the sweet little kitty cat?
Oscar doesn't look like he's having a very merry christmas.
Come on Adrienne, not everyone's cat like to pose nicely for pictures. :)

Very cute.
Get the fuck off!
Oh poor Oscar! Evil mommy Spoonie is squeezing the living kitty out of him.
Hey there

The "nurse practitioner" banned me when I disagreed with her, all I posted was:

Hi there,

I just tried to post a comment after your reply to my looking for a debate on the pros and cons of "NP's" earlier...and you have banned my comments it seems.

Childish, petulant and disappointing. I thought you Americans believed in freedom of speech, not suppression of reasoned debate !!

You've certainly lost me as a visitor! By the way, I don't have a blog, too busy unfortunately :)

Best of luck...although we differ on the role of nurses vs doctors it seems...and perhaps on our willingness to consider opinions contrary to our own...I do respect someone studying fulltime with 4 kids.

Best wishes, Dr T.
Dr. T., I really don't know what you're talking about. I am in no way affiliated with any other blogs by NP's. I'm sorry that someone banned you but I have nothing whatsoever to do with that. Maybe you should email your message to the offending blogger rather than posting it on my site.
DAMN YOU for being so photogenic! When are you vacaying again so we can babysit the almighty Oscar??? I can totally tell that he's longing for a little Silly lovin'.
Spoonie, you have four kids? HUH?

Ok, so there this one blog I was banned from, and I don't know why, I just called the lady that runs it a mega bitch. WHY WOULD THAT HAPPEN TO ME? She blocked me, so I find it very theraputic to come here and bitch about it! Please make me feel special and loved here.

Ms. D
Merry Christmas, Spoonie and Oscarcito!

I'll say to Oscie what I say to Yoshi when I am cuddling her and kissing her to death.

"Who's so mean to you? Who is? Poor, poor Bubby!"
Dr. T's comments made Oscar very, very cranky. Who could blame him? You, on the other hand, look fabulous.
You are so pretty. And Oscar too. Merry Chistmas (it's still Christmas, right? Well, my wine bottle thinks so!)

Hiya beautiful! Merry Christmas!

Oscar looks super annoyed. How dare you hug him and try to show him love. Heartless shrew. ;D
Oscar looks like you woke him up - Linus gets that same look...
Sorry Spoony! The blocked Dr.T may have been banned from my site. I don't mind someone not agreeing with me but when they are nasty?? Well, you know..
I just love your cat!! He's so pretty!! Stop by my site and you will see what the controversy has been about..
Merry Christmas Spoon!
You are both too cute for school.

Your highlights compliment his gradations sooo well.
Beautiful kitty!!
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