Guess Who? (Chicago Edition)

Each of the following statements were made by one of the following persons:






TR Youngblood (seen in the background)

Ray, the cabbie (not pictured)

1. "Sherri has dick rash."

2. "Is that a burp or a mouse?"

3. "If she doesn't stand when she pees then she's not for mes."

4. "You suck the rectum!"

5. "I gotta get this hotdog in my mouth."

6. "Sisterhood of the travelling internet."

7. "This doesn't taste like tea. It tastes like boo-tea."

8. "Love is like nervous gas."

9. "You live. You learn. You shave your balls. You grow up."

10. "You can't have date rape without the date."

11. "Did you get your outfit from the local clothier? You look good in it."

12. "Only two more blocks. But I'm not counting all the little blocks in between."

13. "I gotta take a Dima."

14. "Jesus Christ. I have 5 brothers and I've never been around this much flatulence."

15. "Hang on to your skirts, once."

16. Re: Megan taking her shirt off in the back of the cab... "I know it's exciting, but keep driving."

17. "I gotta take my dildo out of my bag."

18. Re: dildos... "When I'm talking to it and it's taking me out to dinner, I want it to look REAL."

19. "Do not put that on my labia!"

20. Q: "What team do you all bat for?"
A: "Oh, we like the corn cobs."

21. "I piss like a pregnant diabetic."

I know who had a dildo in her bag, but if I call her out on it, I might get WRAPPED INTO A HUMAN BURRITO. HINT, HINT.
My god, that is some funny shit.

Although, I must say---I have no idea who requested for something not to be put on their labia. Perhaps I was taking a Dima when that was said.
Ferret, that was me. I was saying it to Sherri. Does that give you a hint? You were the one who told me to write it in the notebook for fuck's sake.
Megan, you're sleeping right now, and I'm typing this on your computer. If you wake up in the morning with your feet in your ass, don't be surprised!
Deja, when are you visiting Hell Lay? OMG....we were in Fort Walton Beach at the same time!!!

xoxo Clo
I woke up, and so far my feet aren't in my ass. Those Messicans are all talk.
I think you should also add: "Why aren't you telling us where you're from? Are you an illegal immigrant?"
Fucking brilliant! You are hilarious. It would be hard on the stomach muscles to hang out with the lot of you.
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