Another Filler Post.

I know that my blogging of late has been sporadic and, let's face it, shitty at best, but there has been mondo business going on in the Casa de Spoon and the blogging just ain't getting done like it used to. I think this could possibly be a good sign and might even indicate that, hey, I actually have a LIFE now, but I have to admit that I'm missing the blog circuit immensely. I just can't hang like I used to!

This past weekend I planned and hosted a pirate party at my house, which was simultaenously incredibly fun and the biggest mistake I've ever made. There was lots of cleaning, lots of decorating, lots of baking, lots of mixing and prepping and arranging... and then there was lots of drinking. Lots and LOTS of drinking. By my estimates we had about 40 pirates tromping in and out of our apartment at any given time. Most of the attendees were old high school friends, some of them college friends, and a few of them total fucking strangers. There was lots of laughter and dancing and fun, and by the time all the jello shots were gone, the volume of my voice had risen about 3 octaves and I was actually threatening to call the police on MYSELF. Whatever, I suffer from voice intoxication immodulation. I'm unable to control the pitch or volume of my voice when drunk.

On Thursday I'm headed to L.A. with fellow (former) blogger Nessa, whom I have recently come to know has been harrassed by some of my very own readers, to which I say HOW DARE YOU? Quit being such assholes, seriously people. Good lawd. Anyway, Nessa and I will be painting the town red (with our cosmopolitan-colored vomit) and partying like two sorority sisters on bid night. You know you're jealous. Go ahead and admit it. I can't WAIT to have a nice, relaxing vacay. You'll hear all about it upon my return, I'm sure, as well as find many incriminating photos on my flickr stream. I'm hoping the weather there is pleasant, because this morning it was 48 degrees FAHRENHEIT in Houston, Texas. I think my fingertips might fall off.

Hey, I never harrassed Nessa.

I made fun of her dog picture. If that was her.

But thats it I swear!

Have fun on your drunken trip and drink one for me.

Hell drink one for each of us blog fans individually. Because then you have an excuse!.

Peace and Chicken Grease
Put some warm weather in a jar and send it to me please. I played soccer in 30-degree weather on Sunday evening, I still can't feel my legs! Have fun in Cali, and I KNOW you will!
Yeah, you haven't really visited LA until you hurl there. I left my mark when I was 12 years old. Haven't been back since.
OH WOW!!! A Pirate Party!!! I do know what you mean about the party being simultaenously incredibly fun and the biggest mistake you have ever made. My cousin LOVES Halloween and used to always have Halloween parties. She would go totally all out. The last 2 years and especially the last year she had the party, there were people that came that were not invited and acted very badly. It just spoiled it for everyone.

Hope you and Nessa have a fun time in LA!!! Tell Nessa I said hello (I am not one that would ever harrass someone especially Nessa on their own blog....that's such BAD FORM!!!). Tell her I REALLY miss her blog and I hope she and her family are doing well.
Hope you guys have a good time in LA. Cali. is so much better than this shithole state!

Be careful and behave...Or just be careful!
I ditto Gerberas comments. I hope i was not a harrasser and not even know it... Have fun ladies. I miss Nessa and her blog :(
I've been too busy watching the World Series and being a text messaging sports correspondent to make fun of anyone. I've barely even made fun of you.

Have fun in Cali. Keep the sand out of your crack. Leave room for my fingers. What?
U think Texas is cold? Try Toronto! I love the Pirate Party Idea, I love Party Ideas in General. Have a blast in Cali, be safe!
woooo!! LA!! have a great time. say hello to brad and angie!
i'm going through withdrawals!!! where is spoonie? :(
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