Happy Friday the 13th!

Sorry I haven't been able to blog much lately, but the stolen internet that I hijack from the coffee shop across the street isn't working, which, I mean, I'm really glad I don't pay for that shit because otherwise I'd be totally pissed right now. In the meantime, I'm deciding whether I should be a responsible citizen and start paying for the 'net rather than continuing down the felonious path I've been traveling on for the past 3 years.

In the meantime, enjoy your Friday, and don't get too spooked!

I commented on this photo on flickr. If you haven't read his other books, let me know, I'll mail them to you. So good.
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Thanks alli! I've read most of his books, I think, except for Fight Club. Don't ask me why I haven't read it, but it's definitely on my list. I am totally in love with Chuck P!
Fight Club is the only one I have read.

But thats because I am lame.
I love Chuckie P. Have you read "Diary"? That one's my favorite. Although "Lullaby" is a really, really close second. But "Haunted" was really good, too. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm just a Pahlaniuk whore. They're all good.

Happy Friday the 13th.
Free internet for THREE YEARS? I am one jealous jew.
I hated most of "Haunted." "Invisible Monsters" and "Choke" (and "Lullaby" and "Survivor" and "Fight Club") were my faves.

Spoonleg's House just turned into Book Club.
How about you go across the street to the coffee shop where you wouldn't be stealing the Internet? Geez, how lazy AND cheap are you?

Actually, you can get you one of those deals where they have a promotion for 6 months before the real price kicks in. I think that would work really well for you.

Are you saying the internet waves come all the way across the street to your house? Hmmmm. Now I am wondering if I get wireless if I could hijack somebody elses waves and save myslef the 50 bucks a month.

You are a bad, bad influence on me. ;-)
After a few months, I finally quit hijacking my neighbors internet. I got sick of being booted off.

I'm taking boards tomorrow morning...any NCLEX advice?
Fight Club and Haunted are the only Palahniuk books I've read, oddly enough.
Strangely enough, Fight Club was the last one I read as well. I'm a loser.
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