Alas, I'm home, I'm sober, I'm alive. This past week was incredibly exhausting, not to mention the most fun EVER. Snap's entire extended family was in attendance, and believe me when I say those people are just as crazy as she is. An accurate representation of my weekend with the Snapfam can be summarized by this single, concise quote:

"Your fucking faggot father is my faggot brother, you mother fucker! And that makes YOU my faggot niece!"

More quotes to come, and more stories and photos and jokes and videos to boot. Most of it is X-rated (hell, who am I kidding? ALL OF IT IS), so hide your children. Except for the SnapChildren, especially the male ones, all of them over the age of 21. Because, you know, you guys are fucking HOT.

They get their hotness from me.

I know.

That's what I said!
Why aren't my family get-togethers that eventful?
21?! i say any hotties over 18 are fair game. :)
Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!
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