Shake it like a salt shaker...

Nessa here again to post this killer video of dude giving shout-outs to the crowd as he dances his little jig to the bongo band at the Huntington Beach pier...enjoy! P.S. Dropshots kicks YouTube's ass any day of the week!

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I laugh hysterically every time I see that shit. HOLY FUCK. What a tool.
That is the worst noise I have ever heard. With the exception of maybe Widespread Panic or the Dead. =)
I want what drug he is on.
I love the part where he takes a break from dancing to play the air guitar!
Thanks for the smiles this morning!!!
ahhahahahahahaahahah. His air guitar is awesome.
Dude, the funniest part is at the end!

"Deja, do you have batteries?"

Does she KNOW who she's talking to?
I loved the air guitar too....especially since it doesn't seem like there's anyone playing guitar! Hahahhahahah. Made my day!
she actually didn't have batteries!!!!! anyway - will you edit her name out of that comment? I know she didn't want it on here for searchin' :)
Ummm, I have no idea how. I think Spoonie can do it.

Isn't her name on this site anyway? I thought I'd seen it up here before.
I have had drunk sex on those steps many many times, and once during a crazy rain storm. We made sure our baggie of leftovers from Fred's on the Pier didn't get wet. Also, there's a relatively clean restroom at the bottom of those steps and I took a whole roll of pictures of it one time because I was amazed at the cleanliness of Huntington's pee pots. Good times. Oh and this guy is RAD.
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