On the Holidays

This holiday season has been nothing short of hectic for me, and while I have an abundance of feel-good tales to share, I've had very little time to pound them out on the keyboard. I'm hoping all of the alcohol I've been consuming doesn't cause enough permanent damage to force me to forget these shining memories, if anything maybe it will just convolute them enough to allow me to embellish the details for comedic value. Wait, I do that anyway.

I've got friends and ex-boyfriends alike in town for the holidays, not to mention party invites and photography gigs and blind dates to tend to. Many times I've been forced to change plans or blow off loved ones because of my insane schedule, and for those of you "loved ones" who have been officially blown off (you know who you are), I sincerely apologize. I can honestly say I don't remember the holidays ever being this crazy for me before.

In addition to spending time with my favorite people, I've been frantically making my plans for the big move to California. I can't WAIT to get out there, but the process is seriously KILLING me. My anxiety is at an all-time high.

My roommate has recently vacated the premesis, leaving me with the undue stress of additional bills and rent and all that financial liability. I've been putting in overtime like a madwoman to try to stabilize myself, but it seems like a neverending battle; and I have to admit that I think I'm losing this war.

So, with all of these sad excuses for my lack of social or blogging ettiquite aside, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. It's raining cats and dogs here in Houston, and I haven't felt the Christmas spirit move me even ONCE yet this season. I'm tired of Christmas carols and am ready to strangle the next stranger to wish me Happy Holidays. I've considered packing a taser gun in my purse when shopping at major department store chains and weilding it against all of the cranky, crying, whining, ugly children throwing chocolate ice cream-covered tantrums in each and every fucking isle I need to walk down. I'm sick of red, I'm sick of green, I'm tired of parties and presents and food and drinks and buying and wrapping and giving and hugging. I wish I could Scrooge it out in my apartment alone this Christmas, but alas, that's just not possible. Instead I'll grin and bear it all. In actuality, I'm somewhat looking forward to my niece's first Christmas. Introducing her to presents and trees and ornaments and Jesus and my parents' drinking problem should be exciting and fun. She's been a complete joy to be around lately, always wanting to be held and tickled and cuddled and kissed, and although her favorite words are "stop!" and "help!", I know she doesn't really mean them. She loves her cheek-pinching Auntie. So, SHE'S the reason for MY season, and I'll be snuggling with her adorable baby fat in a few short hours. I can't deny that I'm actually looking forward to it. Just a little.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! And enjoy the baby!!!
Ahhhh. Baby's first Christmas. That sorta makes it all ok, doesn't it?

Merry Christmas and Happy Hangover.

Stacey and Yoshi
merry mickey fickey christmas.

Merry Christmas!! that's all.

: )
ditto everything you just said.

aren't nieces the best? just wait until she's 7 thru 9 and she thinks her aunt is the coolest chick ever. it so rocks.

happy holidays. please don't tazer me.
Merry Christmas...or should I now say--HAPPY NEW YEAR!
merry belated christmas spoonie.
i totally felt your pain...yep, still feelin it. I'm moving to so cal in 2 days. gjalkjalsdkjflaskdofiwefoaiwdofawj409rjasdjf ask32o56j2lekjrskdfj 0qwe1j23

i fucking hate packing.


btw, call me if you still have my number.

really over.
Now now, its the MOST WONDERFUL F*#KING TIME OF THE YEAR, remember? Think of the children, wont somebody please think of the children?? Oh wait. You are. Dont you wish you could enjoy the holidays like your little niece? Ahhh, I remember those days. Remember Santa? He's that big fat dude with the bag full of loot. And he IS real. Trust me, he is.
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