Two Years Later, I'm Still Explaining to My Friends and Family Why My Best Friend is a Stranger From the Interweb.

New Year's Eve was officially my two year Blogiversary. Wow. To be honest, it feels like I've been blogging for a LOT longer than that. And to be brutally honest, nothing creatively brilliant has appeared on this blog at ALL this year. I've been a shitty blogger, I know. I'm not proud of that fact. But I'd like to recap a little about what this blog means to me, even though I tend to neglect it like the unwanted step-child it is. Before you know it, I'll be forgetting to pick it up after soccer practice or forbidding it to go to the junior prom. It's practice for real life. You know, in case I'm ever crazy or drunk enough to have a kid.

I can say with absolute certainty that although you can't tell by my shitty and infrequent writing here, this blog is one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. I've learned so much, I've laughed even more, and I've met some incredibly fantastic friends along the way. It's you guys that make blogging worthwhile. I love you all like family and I can't imagine my life without you. As incredibly mushy and unlike myself as I sound right now, I'm being completely fucking honest when I say that I've met some of my greatest friends through blogging. And I'm finally at a point in my life that I'm not afraid to admit it, regardless of the jokes and explanations and incessant, irritating questions. Oh yeah, and did I mention the constant accusations of my little sister calling me a dyke? There's that, too.

But as my big California move approaches, I've come to realize that I like spending REAL time with my friends and family just a little bit more than I like laying in my bed, staring at the screen of my iBook. Not only am I neglectful when it comes to my own blog, but I've neglected reading others' blogs as well, and frankly I feel like I've fallen out of the loop. I can't imagine ever NOT being a blogger, but for now this thing just isn't something that I can fit in on my top ten priority list, especially because binge drinking takes up slots 1 through 9.

This blog has never been a place where I just log on and start typing away about my day, or the events going on in my life. It started out as a place for me to share my funny stories and crazy sense of humor with other like-minded internet freaks, and for awhile that's exactly what it was. And although there is definitely no shortage of hilarious stories and crazy happenings in my life, I've found myself too consumed with LIVING those moments to be bothered with documenting them. Maybe one day I'll regret it, but for now, I have to say goodbye to this dirty, dirty jew diary (I love you, Jeri Blank). I will keep this spot around, just to make the ocassional updates and keep in touch with those of you whom I've come to know and love as family, and also those of you who like living vicariously through a single, twenty-something, sexually adventurous social miscreant such as myself. Know that you always have a place to find me if you need me, and vice versa.

There are many times that I miss this place and all the fun times I've had related to blogging, dating back to late 2003 when I found my very first blog and started a comment war with many of the same folks whom I now consider colleagues and friends. I remember sitting down to write my first post on this blog. I remember reading my first comment. These are things I'll never forget, but unlike the cast of Friends, I'd prefer to step down before my 7th season; before I become universally loathed and disrespected. Maybe one day I'll be back. But chances are, I'll be too drunk to remember my own url.

See you bitches on the flip side! Happy 2007!

PS, for those of you who are in the know, you can still hit Snaps and I up at the co-blog, or COB as we fondly refer to it.

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